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RF Cable, Semi-Rigid SSMP#12(f) - 2.4mm(m), 12"

RF TIM Block to Modules or DIB Lauch MCX Inserts

Part Number: RIK0322A

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This MCX(m) 12" cable is ideal for routing RF signals below 6 GHz from the RF Block mounted to a Fixture Bottom Plate to Fixture Modules with MCX or DIB Launch MCX Inserts.

Quantity Connector Type(s) Genders Angle(s)
Side A 1 SSMP #12 F
Side B 1 2.4mm M
Max Frequency:  50 GHz
Cable Length:  12 inches
Cable Structure:  Semi-Rigid (Bend Once, Max Stability)
Fixture Block Type:  RIK0321A