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RF Cable, Flex, 90° MCX(f)-SMA(m), 5" (qty 6)

Fixture Module (SMA) to Top Plate Adapter or Insert

Part Number: RIK0072B

Estimated Restocking Time: 1-2 Weeks


SMAM to MCX jack flexible (Q-Flex) coaxial cable assembly provides RF signal routing from connectorized (SMAF) fixture subassemblies (dividers, filters, etc..) to fixture modules or top plate adapters (MCX plug). Cable has plastic coating to eliminate shorting to active areas inside the fixture.
Quantity Connector Type(s) Genders Angle(s)
Side A 6 MCX F 90°
Side B 6 SMA M
Max Frequency:  6 GHz
Cable Length:  5 inches
Cable Structure:  Flexible (Unlimited Bend, Min Stability)
Fixture Block Type: 

Item Ref Part Number QTY Description Category Qty in Stock
1MHRJ3Z3A6Coax SRC Triple shield 90° mcx-SMAM 5"Coax
BOM Refreshed:05/11/2020 06:25 PM