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RF Cable, Conform, .086, 90° SSMP(GPPO)(f)-SMA(m), 9"

Connect SSMP connectorized modules to top plate SMA RF inserts

Part Number: RIK0209A

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Coax Cable Assembly SSMP(GPPO) female to SMA male connector 7" in length. Can be used between any devices having SSMP male and SMA female connectors.

.086 diameter avoids moding at certain frequencies.

Quantity Connector Type(s) Genders Angle(s)
Side A 1 SSMP(GPPO) F 90°
Side B 1 SMA M
Max Frequency:  20 GHz
Cable Length:  9 inches
Cable Structure:  Conformable (Limited Bend, Mid Stability)
Fixture Block Type: 

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1MN60M51B1Coax, Confrm, .085, SMAM-SSMP(f)(90)(GPPO), 9"Coax
BOM Refreshed:05/11/2020 06:23 PM