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RF Cable, Flex, PKZ #12(f)-MCX(m), 20"

RF Blocks to MCX Modules (up to 12GHz)

Part Number: RIK0298A

Estimated Restocking Time: 4-6 weeks


Used to go from RF Blocks to modules or DUT launches in Cassini fixtures. Flexible insulated cable. To be used with the RF block RIK0168A.
Quantity Connector Type(s) Genders Angle(s)
Side A 1 PKZ #12 F
Side B 1 MCX M
Max Frequency:  12 GHz
Cable Length:  20 inches
Cable Structure:  Flexible (Unlimited Bend, Min Stability)
Fixture Block Type:  RIK0168A

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1MKGUEV3A1Coax,SemFlex,#12F-MCXM 20" Coax Cable Assy*Coax
BOM Refreshed:05/11/2020 06:26 PM