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Digital Coax Cables, 1x2 , (qty 5)

Digital Module to DIB Launch DC Insert

Part Number: RIK0148A

Estimated Restocking Time: 1-2 weeks


These impedance matched Coax Cables are necessary to interface with the DUT to avoid digital interference. DO NOT USE DC JUMPER CABLES.

For use with RIK0147A.

Note: Best performance DIB interface method is via the Insert / High Speed Digital Launch (RIK0127A 20 Pin Digital) and ribbon connected bottom plate TIM Block (RIK0141A 80 Pin TIM Block).

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Product Docs
Digital TIM or Fixture Digital Module Best Practices - How to Avoid Failure Interfacing Due To Wiring Ringing Effects

Quantity Connector Type(s) Genders Angle(s)
Side A 5 Coax (pair) F
Side B 5 Coax (pair) F
Max Frequency:  0 GHz
Cable Length:  16 inches
Cable Structure:  Flexible (Unlimited Bend, Min Stability)
Fixture Block Type: 

Item Ref Part Number QTY Description Category Qty in Stock
1MGY3681A5Coax, Flex, RG178, 2 Pin MTA-2 Pin MTA, 16"Coax
BOM Refreshed:05/11/2020 06:26 PM