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Exchange a TIM

Request RMA  Send Diagnostic Data with Show Full Results Option along with System & TIMs Serial Numbers to Support.

Swapping a Failed TIM takes just minutes. All configuration and calibration data is automatically loaded via Guru™. Procedure to exchange Cassini Test Instrument Module (TIM) in 4 steps. Detailed step-by-step process available in the Cassini Reference Guide, Chapter 4: Service, Section 1: Exchanging a New or Repaired TIM

Step 1) Prepare for TIM Exchange

  • Import Cal Data into Guru from the email attachment sent to the site's primary maintenance manager or contact who opened the RMA (Filename = CalData_<serial#>.gzp)
  • Unlatch and Lower Testhead from Handler and Remove Fixture.
  • Choose System > Check from Main System Window (Fixture removed from Configuration)
  • Remove TIM From Shipping Box. Do Not Trash TIM Box, Keep For Return Shipment.

Step 2) Exchange TIM

  • Remove Failed TIM, Pull Top Latch Then Pull Bottom Handle to Release from the Testhead.
  • Perform System > Check (Instrument(s) Removed from Configuration)
  • Install New TIM in the same T-location labeled on TIM. Example:
    Slide TIM Horizontally Until Touching Testhead, Slide TIM Vertically Until In Position, Press Top Latch Down
  • Perform System > Check (Instrument(s) Added to Configuration). Start Warm Up Timer (20 minutes)

Step 3) Verify and Release to Production

  • Latch Diag/Cal Plate from Diagnostic Kit
  • Perform System > Check (Fixture Added to Configuration)
  • Open Configuration window ( System > Tester ) Perform Targeted Diags (Tester > Diagnose, Select Plans for Instrument Model #s)
    NOTICE! Wait for the TIM to warm up at least 20 minutes before running Diagnostics
  • If Diags Pass, Unlatch Diag/Cal Plate, Latch Fixture and Release to Production (Skip To Step 4)
  • To Confirm Recent Cal Data, Select Instrument from Config Window, RMB Menu Choose Calibration > Restore... > OK. If One or More Dates Do Not Appear, Import Cal Data (contact Manager) and Choose System > Startup. Perform Targeted Diags Again.
  • If Diags Fail, Run Full Diags, then Perform Targeted Calibration (TIM or Complete RF System)

Step 4) Document and Return Failed TIM

  • Prepare return shipping documents according to Return Shipment Instructions (RSI) (HTC, value, description)
  • Write Serial Number if not already included on RSI. Include any relevant information (Diag data, symptoms)
  • Ship Failed TIM in provided TIM Box. If a TIM Box is not available, follow these Safe Packing Instructions.

When to Recalibrate?

Never recalibrate "stand-alone" TIMs outside of the standard calibration interval because they only interface with the Fixture and DIB and so their Calibration data is valid when used in any tester. Calibration may only be needed when changing TIMs with "RF System" connections. The "RF System" is any cable connection between TIMs found on the Diag/Cal Interface Plate (Diag Fixture). Fixture Calibration may be required on Fixtures that use the "calPerTester=True" attribute in the Device Connection Editor. Always follow the Cassini Reference Guide, CH 5: Diagnose procedure after changing TIMs and prior to releasing the tester for production.

TIM ModelDescription of Stand-alone TIMs (Standard Calibration Interval)
RI853580/40/20 Universal Digital TIM (1 Yr)
RI8545Device Power TIM (1 Yr)
RI8572Waveform TIM (1 Yr)
RI8575Phase Noise Measure (2 Yr)
RI8589FET Pulser TIM (1 Yr)
RI8594Waveform TIM with Low Noise Clock (1 Yr)

Maintenance Schedule

Detailed Maintenance Schedule information and procedures are in the Cassini Reference Guide, CH 3: Care & Maintenance.

Item to InspectTime PeriodAs NeededTime to CompleteRole/LoginRequired ToolsNotify Support
SocketDailyMfg. Suggestion1-2 minOperatorStandard Tools, Magnifier
DIBMonthly>10% Yield Change5 minMaintenanceStandard Tools, Voltmeter, Magnifier
Test Head TIM BlocksMonthly1000 Fixture Docks2 minOperatorConnector Cleaner (lube free), Compressed Air
Aux Rack SMA CablesYearly20 GHz Source Exchange1-2 minMaintenanceSMA Torque Wrench
Fixture InsertsDaily1000 DIB Installs1 minOperatorConnector Cleaner (lube free)
Calibrate FixtureNeverModificationVariesDeveloperCalibration Kit
Docking HardwareMonthly1000 Docks1 minOperatorNone (Eyes)If wear is found
Handler POD/RIFL CableQuarterlyFrequent Handler Changes1 minOperatorStandard Tools
Diagnose/VerifyMonthlyYield Drops5-30 minMaintenanceDiagnostic KitOn Failure
Calibrate TIMsYearlyTIM Repair5-30 minMaintenanceDiag & Calibration Kit
Calibrate RF SystemYearlyTIM Exchange2-6 hoursMaintenanceDiag & Calibration KitYes

Diagnose and Calibration

Detailed Diagnose and Calibration information and procedures are in the Cassini Reference Guide, CH 5: Diagnose and CH 6: Calibration.